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    Eating Disorders Specialist

    “Girls To Women”
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    Dear Colleague:

    Thank you for your interest in the counseling practice of Cynthia Hutchins. Cynthia has twenty-five years of professional counseling experience including managing the eating disorders treatment programs at two hospital-based programs, including Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas.

    Specializing in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of eating disorders, Cynthia offers creative, caring counseling. Each client is given a diagnostic eating disorder inventory and evaluation, as well as initial and continual inventory of the often co-existing conditions of:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • OCD
    • ADD
    • CD

    Cynthia utilizes a treatment team approach that includes a dietitian, cardiologist, psychiatrist and physician. Research clearly shows the benefits of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This approach as well as information from the field of DBT, Positive Psychology, the Twelve Steps and spirituality combines to provide a rich therapeutic experience to maximize personal growth. Clients are encouraged to attend ANAD, a free support group created and facilitated by Cynthia.

    Issues commonly seen in eating disorder clients are perfectionism, people pleasing, passivity, feelings of ineffectiveness, isolation, distorted body image, black and white thinking, extreme mood shifts, and low self worth. Cynthia has developed structured interventions and self-monitoring forms to address these issues. However, she is acutely aware of the uniqueness of each client’s temperament, culture, family influence, values, and interests, consequently integrating these individual issues into the interventions.

    Cynthia serves as coach, teacher, guide, and cheerleader as her clients strive to build a balanced, purposeful and meaningful life, one day at a time.

    If you are interested in referring a client for therapy or referring one of your clients to ANAD support group, please feel free to contact Cynthia at 972-235-9205 or e-mail at Artherapycenter@aol.com.

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